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This page has been created to help you answer  Information Services/ Instructional Support inquiries at TLU. If any of your questions cannot be answered through this page please contact the Help Desk at (830) 372-6000 or dial 6000 if you are on campus. You may also contact the helpdesk by sending an e-mail message to ishelp@tlu.edu

Anti-virus software: How can I get anti-virus software? [faculty/students/staff] Anti-virus
Applications: How can I get MS Applications? [For Office Or Home computer--Faculty& Staff]  MS Applications
How to Browse for a document on TLU Intranet? [Faculty& Staff]  Browse for a document
How to get you classes on Blackboard [faculty] Adding  
I can't find some of my Blackboard classes. Why? [students] Why...  
Blackboard: How to Access Blackboard [faculty/students/staff]                   Back to top Access...  
Blackboard: Posting a Course Syllabus on Blackboard [faculty] Posting  
Blackboard:  Digital Dropbox

Submit your assignments via Blackboard



Blackboard: Virtual Classroom [faculty/students]

'Chat with your classmates, instructors, book authors' LIVE!

Virtual Classroom  
Blackboard: Discussion Board [faculty/students] Discussion Board  
Blackboard: Student Roster -[faculty]        Back to top Student Roster  
Blackboard: Send E-mail to your students -[faculty] Send E-mail  
Blackboard: Add & Delete users to your Blackboard course -[faculty]                         Back to top Add /Delete  
Blackboard: Posting Grades [faculty] Grades  
Blackboard: Opening a File E.g. PowerPoint [faculty/students] Open file  
Blackboard: Archiving Blackboard Courses [faculty]   Archiving
Blackboard: Reviewing Survey Results Survey  
Blackboard: Course Cartridges [faculty]   Back to top Cartridge  
CD Burning: While using Windows XP   PDF
Labs: TLU- Computer Labs list             Back to top Labs..  
Using ELMO for classroom presentation Elmo  
Dial-Up: Set-up TLU dial-up on Windows XP?


Dial-Up: Set-up dial-up on Windows 2000  Professional?   PDF
E-mail: MS Outlook 2002 Tutorial Tutorial
E-mail: Set-up MS Outlook on your computer Outlook set-up

E-mail: Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2003

                                                              Back to top

Outlook Web Access
Forward TLU email messages to other Personal e-mail account.   Forward e-mail
Evaluations: Three Week Evaluations Three week evaluations  
Access IrisLink Irislink access  
Change Password in IrisLink              Back to top Change password  

Library: Blumberg Memorial Library [faculty/students/staff]

Circulation Questions, General Questions and Directional Questions,

Computing/Electronic Resources Questions, Others.....

Network Drives/ What is a Network Drive?. [faculty/students/staff]                                                 Back to top what is a network drive..
How can I access TLU network resources from off-campus?

First, set-up Virtual Private Network (VPN) client

Access Network Drives e.g. [Y] drive from ON campus:  [faculty/staff] Map map on-campus--MAC's
Access Network Drives e.g. [Y] drive from ON campus:  [students]


How to Manage Network Drive Space [faculty/students/staff]                                              Back to top Manage network drive  
Change Network Password & Secure/Lock your Computer [faculty/students/staff] Change/Lock password
 TLU Network Environment --2007 TLU network
TrackIT: What is TrackIT [faculty/students/staff] TrackIT...
TrackIT: How to use TrackIT [faculty/students/staff] Tutorial...  
VPN: What is VPN? [faculty/students/staff] what is vpn?
VPN: Where do I get a VPN software? Back to top where to get vpn?
VPN: Setting Up VPN (PC Users) Set up vpn --pc PDF
VPN: Setting Up VPN (MAC Users)    Back to top Set up vpn--mac  
VPN: I can't connect using VPN ? I can't connect with vpn  
VPN: Does AOL or MSN supports VPN ? AOL / MSN  
Web Authors Training/Tutorials Web Authors
Creating Personal Website Personal site