Training may be located in the library CoLab area; Library Lab, and in TH 201 (830) 372 6870
Spring 2012  Support & Workshops

Classroom technologies and Training at TLU

Managing your course materials and making them available to your students
-Communicate with your students easily via e-racer email system
-Post assignments to the Coursework page and the course calendar
-Manage your class on-line gradebook
-Facilitate class collaboration via on-line discussion and chat services
Camtasia Relay:
Camtasia Screen Recording Solutions
Record content straight off your computer screen and create engaging videos that train, teach and students can review important concepts outside of class.

                Download Camtasia Relay here

 SMART Podium: Available in TH 201, Computer lab room B1 (library basement, & in CoLab office.

The SMART Podium (formerly the Sympodium interactive pen display) enables you to effortlessly control any presentation and bring it to life all you have to do is connect your interactive pen display to a computer and projector. Write over slides in digital ink, save your notes, access any website or multimedia file and project your work onto a large screen to give your audience a truly interactive experience.
  Clickers: Classroom response systems. 3 kits available in the library circulation desk.
  • Transform your classroom into an interactive and engaging learning environment.
  • Create open discussions that are fueled by students, rather than forced by you.
  • Gauge student understanding instantly with visual charts in real-time.
  • Provide students review questions that are reflective of their understanding, not just what you think they need work on.
Also known as visual presenters or Elmo cameras;  They allow presenters to immediately capture live visual images of any object or text for digital presentation. Present a section of the book, magazine, newspaper, a plant, a tiny seed, transparencies and etc
VPN: Virtual Private Network software
Access resources that are available on-campus from off campus. For example: your network drive (Y & I) drives & server applications (SPSS, NCSS, Adobe Creative Suite, GIS program, Minitab & etc.
VPN setup for PC  (instructions)
VPN setup for Mac (instructions)
64 bit VPN setup for PC (instructions)

Download Links:
Windows VPN client
Mac (OSX 10.4 and older | 10.5 and newer)
Windows 64 bit VPN client(Vista/7)

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