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Using a Lanier Copier as a printer

TLU now has the capability to print documents to a number of the newly networked Lanier copiers across campus from computer workstations. Included below are instructions on getting started.

  1. Installing the print driver on your computer
  2. Setting the user code on the print driver
  3. Printing a document
  4. Using the finisher options on the device
  5. Final Notes

Copiers supporting printing Pages / minute Options
ASC – Meadows Center 35 duplex
ASC – Student Programs 35 duplex
Beck – Enrollment Services 35 duplex
Beck – Development 35 duplex
Beck – First floor (Finance/Records) 55 duplex, staple
Beck – Second floor 55 duplex, staple,color,ps
Emma Frey 35 duplex
Fine Arts 35 duplex,ps
Jones 55 duplex, staple
Langner 75 duplex, staple
Library 45 duplex
Moody 55 duplex, staple
Tschoepe – Second floor 55 duplex, staple,color,ps

Choosing a Printer and installing the Print Driver (Windows XP):

  1. Click the Start button from the lower left corner of the screen
  2. Click on Search
  3. Select “Printers Computers or People

  4. Select A Printer on the Network

  5. Enter the building you are in the location field of the Find Printers dialogue box. (Example: Beck) and click the Find Now button.

  6. You should then see the printers available for the building you entered. In this example you should see a listing of the 4 copier / printers in Beck.  Double click on the printer you would like to use and this will connect to the print server and install the print driver.

  7. Set the user code on the printer driver you just installed:
    Click the Start button from the lower left corner of the screen
  8. Click Printers and Faxes

  9. Select the printer you installed previously and right click on it (example: Beck) and click on Properties

  10. Next click on Printing Preferences

  11. Click Details (Near the top of the box) Enter the user code in the “User ID” box (i.e. 111111) then click OK (note: this is one of 2 locations to enter user code)

  12. Next Select the Valid Access tab and enter the same user code in this box (i.e. 111111). This is the 2nd location for the user code. Click OK twice to exit printer properties.

  13. You are now ready to print to the printer/copier you installed from any Windows application.


To send a document to print you simply need to select it from the application by:
  1. click on File from the top menu
  2. click on Print
  3. select the copier/printer you just installed and click on OK

Accessing the Finishing options:

The printed output has access to any of the copier finisher options that are available, such as duplex printing, stapling, reduction etc. These options will be included in the print driver when it is installed on a particular computer workstation. To access what is available, simply click on the properties after the printer has been selected (see below). This will take you to a screen (see below) with the various options available to you. In this example stapling, duplex printing, layout (i.e. pages per sheet), and paper sizes are available options. Set them as needed and press OK.

Final notes:

  1. These copier / printers treat printed output the same as making copies, in that a user code will be needed for printing. Each department will be charged the same per page rate for printed output as copier output.
  2. The user code entered in the print driver must be active on the copier / printer that you intend to use. If it is not the print job will be deleted and won’t print. A good way to test the user code status is to make a test copy at the unit. If it accepts it for copies it will work for printing.
  3. There may be some copier / printers that have extra security in place restricting who can access them. If you run across that please contact the help desk at ishelp@tlu.edu or extension 6000.

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