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Policy on Publishing Information on
TLU Campus Network Resources

Priorities for use of campus network resources are based upon criteria that are important to all members of the TLU community: teaching effectiveness; professional growth and activity; advising; service to university and community; leadership; and collegiality. Priority will be given to faculty, students and staff who are engaged in activities related to course work, study, research, professional development, or the administration of the university.

The Information Services Department is responsible for deploying IP addresses. Use of network resources will be closely monitored by network administrators. Any unauthorized use of resources will be stopped immediately and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. The TLU Information Technology Committee is responsible for administration of this policy.

The university recognizes that the university web pages serve several audiences, including, but not limited to, students, potential students, contributors, and the faculty & staff. The following priorities and procedures will apply to the allocation of resources for TLU web pages and web servers

  1. TLU's official Web site pages
    1. Structure
      1. A top-level entry home page (http://www.tlu.edu)
      2. One layer of departmental (academic and administrative) pages of similar design to the top-level page. The font, background color, and general style are determined by the University Relations webmaster
      3. Other pages not directly linked to the top-level page, including other departmental pages, syllabi, and individual pages that may or may not have a similar style to the main page.
    2. Content
      1. Top-level home page maintenance and development is the responsibility of the office of University Relations webmaster
      2. Contents of pages not otherwise assigned to faculty or staff will be the responsibility of the University Relations webmaster
      3. The department chair is ultimately responsible for the content of all the web pages provided by each department, including the department home page. Each department chair should appoint a web author to maintain the pages on a regular basis.
      4. The University Relations webmaster should provide assistance to web authors to maintain a consistent style among the department home pages. The department web author should provide the content, with the webmaster providing assistance to help keep a uniform look and style to all such departmental home pages. Both parties should have direct access to edit the department home page.
      5. Information services and the university webmaster should regularly provide web authors with the necessary tools to keep departmental home pages updated. This may include templates, style sheets, or particular software packages, as required to match the style of the TLU Web site.
      6. Unless otherwise specified, web pages and other electronic media created by a faculty member for a particular course are considered the property of that faculty member.
      7. When changes in department staffing or department policy occur, web pages should be updated in a timely fashion.
      8. Each web page must identify its author and include that person’s name and e-mail address and must also contain the date of last update.
    3. System Administration
      1. system administration of web servers is the responsibility of the Information Services Department
  2. Student pages
    1. Course-related pages
      1. content management is the responsibility of the instructor and sponsoring department
    2. Student organization pages
      1. organizations may request pages through Student Life. The president or advisor of official TLU student organizations must make the request. The pages will be hosted as computing resources allow.
    3. Students who wish to create individual home pages that are not course-related will be referred to local Internet providers.

Policy revisions endorsed by the Information Technology Committee on March 7, 2003 and approved by President’s Cabinet March 24, 2003
Policy revisions endorsed by the Information Technology Committee on April 16, 1999 and approved by President's Council April 1999
Original policy endorsed by the Information Technology Committee on December 10, 1997 and approved by President's Council January 1998

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