Policy on Passwords



In the quest for providing a more secure computing environment at Texas Lutheran University, it will be increasingly important to require strong passwords for users of TLU systems. To that end, this policy applies to anyone who uses the university’s computers and networks, and it articulates the standards of acceptable passwords that are expected of all users.



The Provost, assisted by the Director of Information Technology is responsible for administering this policy, and for making referrals to appropriate administrative offices for disciplinary action. The system (Active Directory) will enforce the password requirements.


All references to password strength are directed to the TLU network account. This is the account used to log on to the TLU network, e-mail system, administrative system, and portal.









Endorsed by the Jenzabar Module Manager committee – 2/5/09

Endorsed by the Information Technology Advisory committee – 3/30/09

Endorsed by the Jenzabar Steering committee – 7/7/09

Approved by the President’s Cabinet – 9/15/09